University of California, Merced

Parallel Architecture, System, and Algorithm Lab

[5/2021] An NSF grant is funded to support our research on big memory for HPC.

[4/2021] Our work on training billion-scale NLP models on heterogeneous memory is accepted into USENIX ATC'21! This is a collaboration work with Microsoft.

[4/2021] Our ASPLOS'21 paper won the distinguished artifact award! Only two papers won this award.

[3/2021] Four papers are accepeted into ICS'21!

[3/2021] Prof. Xu Liu from NCSU will give us a talk "Rethinking Performance Tools Research" on April 2.

[3/2021] Our collaboration work with LLNL on MPI fault tolerance benchmark suite is reported by HPCWire.

[3/2021] Wenqian got an internship offer! She will go to the HP labs during the summer working on scientific machine learning.

[1/2021] Our collaboration work with Microsoft on training large NLP models with heterogeneous memory draws some attentions from media (see 1 and 2). :)

[1/2021] A paper "Tahoe: Tree Structure-Aware High Performance Inference Engine for Decision Tree Ensemble on GPU" is accepted into EuroSys'21.

[12/2020] Shuangyan Yang joined us as a PhD student. Welcome aboard, Shuangyan!

[12/2020] A paper “ArchTM: Architecture-Aware, High Performance Transaction for Persistent Memory” is accepted in FAST'21!

[12/2020] Welcome Yan Li from Western Digital to visit us. She gave a talk, “NAND Flash and its Application”.

[11/2020] A paper “Sparta: High-Performance, Element-Wise Sparse Tensor Contraction on Heterogeneous Memory” is accepted in PPoPP'21!

[10/2020] A paper “Sentinel: Efficient Tensor Migration and Allocation on Heterogeneous Memory Systems for Deep Learning” is accepted in HPCA'21!

[9/2020] Welcome Dr. Zhao Zhang from Texas Advanced Computing Center! He will give us a talk virtually, "Scalable Deep Learning on Supercomputers".

[9/2020] A paper “HM-ANN: Efficient Billion-Point Nearest Neighbor Search on Heterogeneous Memory” is accepted in NeurIPS'20!

[9/2020] Congratulate Jiawen for his internship in the Facebook research!

[8/2020] The lab has a new website! :)

[8/2020] A paper “MATCH: An MPI Fault Tolerance Benchmark Suite” is accepted in IISWC'20.

[7/2020] A paper “Exploring Non-Volatility of Non-Volatile Memory for High Performance Computing Under Failures” is accepted in Cluster’20.

[6/2020] A paper “Ribbon: High Performance Cache Line Flushing for Persistent Memory” is accepted in PACT’20.

[6/2020] A paper “Smart-PGSim: Using Neural Network to Accelerate AC-OPF Power Grid Simulation” is accepted in SC’20.

[3/2020] Congratulations to Jie Ren, Kai, Jie Liu, Jiawen and Wenqian for their summer internships in Microsoft research, ByteDance, Futurewei and PNNL!

[3/2020] A paper “RIANN: Real-time Incremental Learning with Approximate Nearest Neighbor on Mobile Devices” is accepted in USENIX OpML’20.

[2/2020] A paper “Flame: A Self-Adaptive Auto-Labeling System for Heterogeneous Mobile Processors” is accepted in On-Device Intelligence Workshop at MLSys’20.

[1/2020] Dong was invited to join IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS) Review Board.

[1/2020] Dong was invited as participate in the SIAM parallel processing panel.

[12/2019] Welcome Dr. Cong Xu from HP Labs visiting us!

[12/2019] A paper “Demystifying the Performance of HPC Scientific Applications on NVM-based Memory Systems” is accepted in IPDPS’20.

11/2019] The PASA lab went to SC’19! Jie Ren, Kai and Anzheng were selected by SC as student volunteers.

[10/2019] Congratulate Luanzheng for winning the Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, because of his outstanding performance during PhD study!

[8/2019] Welcome Zhen Xie to join PASA as a postdoc!

[8/2019] A paper “Adaptive Neural Network-Based Approximation to Accelerate Eulerian Fluid Simulation” is accepted in SC’19!

[7/2019] Attended Persistent Programming in Real-Life workshop in San Diego.

[6/2019] Two papers were accepted by IPDPS’19: One is about runtime concurrency control and operation scheduling on TensorFlow, and the other is about application resilience modeling. See you in Brazil!

[5/2019] Anzheng and Jiawen went to Rio, Brazil (IPDPS’19) to present our papers. Enjoy the trip![4/2019] Attended SysML’19 with Jiawen, Jie Liu and Xin at Stanford.

[4/2019] Attended SysML’19 with Jiawen, Jie Liu and Xin at Stanford.

[3/2019] Attended the annual non-volatile memory workshop in San Diego to present our work!

[2/2019] Congratulations to Wenqian Dong and Luanzheng Guo for their internship at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

[1/2019] Welcome new PhD student, Jie Liu!

[1/2019] Welcome Dr. Naoya Maruyama from Lawrence Livermore National Lab to visit the PASA lab!

[1/2019] Three papers on non-volatile memory were accepted in 10th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop.

[9/2018] Our research on resilience computation patterns is highlighted in hpcwire.(our paper:FlipTracker: Understanding Natural Error Resilience in HPC Applications)

[8/2018] Congratulations to Wenqian, Anzheng, Kai, and Jie! They are accepted as student volunteers for SC’18. Congratulations to Jiawen and Jie! They are accepted as student volunteers for OSDI’18.

[9/2018] A paper (FlipTracker: Understanding Natural Error Resilience in HPC Applications) is accepted by SC’18.

[7/2018] A paper (Processing-in-Memory for Energy-efficient Neural Network Training: A Heterogeneous Approach) is accepted by MICRO’18.

[6/2018] A paper (GMOD: A Dynamic GPU Memory Overflow Detector) is accepted by PACT’18.

[6/2018] A paper (Runtime Data Management on Non-Volatile Memory-Based Heterogeneous Memory for Task Parallel Programs) is accepted by SC’18.

[5/2018] A paper (Modeling Application Resilience in Large Scale Parallel Execution) is accepted by ICPP’18.

[5/2018] Welcome Dr. Guoyang Chen (Alibaba research) to visit the PASA lab!

[4/2018] Congratulations to Anzheng, Kai, Jie, and Jiawen! They will go to Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Oak Ridge National Lab as summer student interns.

[4/2018] The PASA Lab gets research fund from Lawrence Livermore National Lab to support its work on HPC resilience.

[4/2018] Welcome Prof. Xia Ning (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis) to visit the PASA lab!

[2/2018] Two papers are accepted as posters in Non-Volatile Memories Workshop.

[12/2017] Congratulations to Wenqian, Jie, and Jiawen. They are selected as student volunteers for SC’17.

[8/2017] Welcome four new PhD students, Wenqian Dong, Jiawen Liu, Jie Ren, and Letian Kang!

[6/2017] Two papers are accepted in IEEE Cluster. One paper is about NVM crash consistence, “Algorithm-Directed Crash Consistence in Non-Volatile Memory for HPC”. The other paper is about GPU performance modeling, “Performance Modeling for Optimal Data Placement on GPU with Heterogeneous Memory Systems”.

[6/2017] One paper, “Unimem: Runtime Data Management on Non-Volatile Memory-based Heterogeneous Main Memory”, is accepted in SC’17.

[6/2017] One paper, “Performance Evaluation and Modeling of HPC I/O on Non-Volatile Memory”, is accepted in NAS’17.

[6/2017] NSF funds our project on processing-in-memory.

[2/2017] Two students in PASA lab get internships during the summer. They are PhD student Luanzheng Guo (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), and Kai Wu (Los Alamos National Lab). Congratulations, students!

[11/2016] Our poster is nominated as the best poster in SC’16.

[11/2016] The PASA lab went to SC’16. Four PhD students of the lab were selected as SC’16 student volunteers.

[6/2016] We are selected as an NVIDIA Research Center with Dong as the lead PI.

[6/2016] NSF funds our project on heterogeneous memory.

[5/2016] Undergraduate student, Hanlin He, won UC Merced Outstanding Student Award in the class of 2016. Congratulations, Hanlin!

[5/2016] Three students in PASA lab get internships during the summer! They are PhD student Luanzheng Guo (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), and undergraduate students Hanlin He and Kian Bradley (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab). Congratulations, students!

[3/2016] A paper (Algorithm-directed Data Placement in Explicitly Managed Non-Volatile Memory) is accepted by HPDC’16.

[1/2016] Dong received an NSF CAREER Award!

[9/2015] Two undergraduate students (Hanlin He and Zachary Canann) join PASA!

[9/2015] The PhD student, Yingchao Huang, is selected as a student volunteer for SC’15.

[8/2015] 2 PhD students (Yingchao Huang and Anzheng Guolu) and 3 Master students (Wei Liu, Hanbin Tao, and Himanshu Pillai) join PASA!