University of California, Merced

Parallel Architecture, System, and Algorithm Lab




    PMDebugger (a debugger to detect persistency and performance bugs for persistent programs), published in ASPLOS'21, is available on Github. This tool won the distinguished artifact award at ASPLOS'21.

    Sparta (an element-wise sparse tensor contraction framework on heterogeneous memory), published in PPoPP'21, is available on Github.

    HM-ANN (an approximate nearest neighbor search algorithm customized for the heterogeneous memory), published in Neurips'20, is available on Github.

    NVC (Non-Volatile memory Crash tester), published in MCHPC’18 and Cluster’20, is available on Github.

    MOARD (Modeling Application Resilience to Transient Faults on Data Objects), published in IPDPS’19, is available on Github. MOARD is a resilience modeling tool measuring application resilience to corruption of data objects within the application.

    BIFIT (a fault injection tool based on binary instrumentation) is published in our SC’12 paper.